Mindfray empowers people to share their experiences, insights, opinions and knowledge with our community and the world.

Our mission is to make people think about, question and understand the world around them by delivering engaging and quality content from perspectives that matter — people like you.
Our approach involves a commitment to our community to publish compelling content that is focused on quality, substance and style—not just headlines and page clicks.
We do this by working with our Contributors and providing guidance, editing and feedback before publication. We publish our Contributors’ content in three main categories:
Debate – Discussing and scrutinizing society, culture and people.
Express – Sharing experiences, personal insights and creative expression.
Knowledge – Sharing wisdom, tips and advice, and expertise.
Our Contributors are comprised of individuals who want to share and get involved by publishing their experiences, insights, opinions and knowledge.
Our goal is to challenge our community to actively engage and share their minds, which is why there are no prerequisites to becoming a Contributing Writer for Mindfray.
In order to make contributing more accessible, we offer different ways to get involved, including full length Feature Articles and short responses for our Contributor Perspectives. We are also available to help our Contributing Writers with free guidance, editing and feedback.
Mindfray is focused on highlighting and promoting our Contributing Writers and their content throughout the site, on social media and through email communications. This is all part of our effort to generate exposure and create a community where people are actively engaging and sharing their minds.

More About Mindfray

“We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.”
Stevie Wonder

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