Mindfray is an education and media platform for people who want to share their mind by publishing engaging and quality content that revolves around their passions and interests. 


We’re on a mission to make people think about, question, and understand the world around them. We do this by empowering people to express themselves through writing.


Our approach involves a commitment to our Contributors and community.


We are committed to supporting our Contributors with guidance, editing, and feedback to help them share their mind with the world, gain experience and hone their writing craft, and build a writing portfolio. Learn about contributing here.


We are committed to publishing a diverse range of compelling content that is focused on quality, substance, and style—not headlines and page clicks. We want to connect our Contributors’ voices to our audience free of distractions—no ads, no sponsored content, just pure access to our content and Contributors. Stay engaged with personalized content and notifications.


We believe that writing is one of the most powerful forms of expression, and we are dedicated to making online publishing more accessible to those who want to share their mind. 

We are committed to providing our Contributors with an opportunity to write and publish on the topics that they care about as well as the guidance and support to help deliver that message or story effectively.

Mindfray publishes experiences, essays, opinions, and knowledge that revolve around our Contributors’ passions and interests. In order to allow our Contributors to pursue their passions and interests, we do not limit the topics that we publish on. Instead, we organize our content into three distinct categories:

experiences, insights and opinions, and creative writing

essays, analysis, and discussion

tips, advice, and information sharing

More About Mindfray

“We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.”
Stevie Wonder

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