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You’ve put in time and effort crafting a quality content piece that is now published on the site. So how do you maximize the views, shares, and chance that it goes viral? While Mindfray actively posts and shares content for our Contributing Writers, sharing your own content increases its visibility and overall exposure to your friends, networks, and others that are interested in what you have to share. Here are some tips to help you share and promote your content:

Social Media

Posting to your personal social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, is a big first step in getting your content in front of your immediate network.

When sharing to your profiles, adding a message will help you reach your audience and add a personal touch to your post. You may also want to make your post “public” if you’re trying to reach a larger audience outside of your network. Additionally, adding 1-2 hashtags for posts on sites such as Twitter and Facebook can help you gain additional exposure outside of your immediate network.

Related Social Media Groups 

If you’re active in online groups on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, sharing related content to these groups is a great way to gain visibility and exposure for your work.

For example, if you’re part of a political discussion group, sharing a political piece you wrote can help start a conversation that creates views, shares, and reactions that promotes your article. Likewise, if you’re part of a particular fandom group, sharing a piece related to that fandom can generate a lot of interest and buzz for it.

Online Communities

Posting your related content in online communities such as Quora, Reddit, and forums is another way to gain exposure for your content and increase the chance for views and shares.

When posting to online communities, make sure that the piece is relevant to the topic of discussion. Additionally, make sure that you are involved in the conversation using the link as a reference (rather than just posting the link to your content by itself).

Email and Other Communities

Sending your content to people you know that would be interested in it is a way to help generate more exposure, especially if they have a network of people that may also be interested in the content topic.

Additionally, sending your content out to other networks that you’re a part of, such as college clubs or professional groups, can help increase the chances that your content is viewed and shared by others.

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