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An education and media site that empowers people to express themselves through writing.  
Mindfray provides Contributors with an opportunity to share their experiences, essays, opinions, and knowledge with our community and the world.
We do this by encouraging our Contributors to submit content based on their interests, causes, and passions. In addition to publishing content on the topics that our Contributors choose, we also provide our Contributors with topic-based prompts to foster new ideas and responses.
Mindfray is committed to supporting our Contributors. We do this by providing guidance, editing, and feedback to foster continued growth and engagement. In order to make contributing more accessible, we offer different ways to get involved, including Feature Articles and our Contributor Perspectives. Learn more below.
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Welcome to Mindfray’s Contributor Hub, where you can explore the different ways to share and get involved. Learn more about contributing to Feature Articles and our Contributor Perspectives.

Contributing at Mindfray

How you can contribute at Mindfray

Feature Articles
You can contribute by submitting Feature Articles on topics of your choice or based on writing prompts for publication on the site.
Feature Articles typically range between 1,000-2,000 words. Articles are categorized by (1) experiences, opinions, and creative writing; (2) essays, analysis, and topic discussion; (3) tips, advice, and information sharing.
Check out our general submission guidelines, and learn more about how to submit an article for the first time. If you’re already a Contributor, you may submit articles via our submission portal or by sending us an email at
Contributor Perspectives
You can contribute by submitting short responses to the Contributor Perspectives prompts provided by Mindfray or submitted by our community.
Contributors may use up to 400 words per response. Once a set number of Contributors have responded to these prompts, they are compiled into a single article that highlights each Contributor’s unique response to provide multiple perspectives for a particular topic.
Contributors can respond directly to these prompts through the Mindfray website. Learn more about responding to them below.

Contributor Perspectives

Mindfray Express Perspectives
What’s the greatest perk and challenge as a pet owner?
[4/5 Contributors]
What person has had the biggest influence in your life and why?
[0/5 Contributors]
What’s a memorable place you visited and why?
[0/5 Contributors]
What’s your favorite TV show and why?
[5/5 Contributors]
Mindfray Debate Perspectives
Has social media helped or hurt the way we connect with people?
[0/5 Contributors]
Is the U.S. heading on a collision course toward war with North Korea?
[0/5 Contributors]
Can gun control help prevent mass shootings?
[0/5 Contributors]
Are millennials as entitled and lazy as portrayed in the media?
[0/5 Contributors]
Mindfray Knowledge Perspectives
What techniques do you use to help with the writing process?
[2/5 Contributors]
What’s one thing besides your education that you learned by attending college?
[0/5 Contributors]
What advice or tips can you give someone who’s looking to purchase their first home?
[2/5 Contributors]
What’s some advice for staying motivated when you hit a rough patch?
[0/5 Contributors]

Contributor Resources

In order to respond to become a Contributor at Mindfray, you need to register an account and fill in your profile details.

Step-by-Step Instructions

(1) Register an account through Facebook, Google Plus or Email
(2) Go to the “My Account” section in your profile
Blank Profile - Navigating to My Account Section | Mindfray
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(3) Fill out the required “profile details,” which include your picture, name, biography and contributor highlight, then click “save changes.”
Contributor Profile Details - Filling Out Required Information | Mindfray
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You may also provide optional information in your profile, including:
Social Profiles 
Personal or Business Website
Background and Education
Causes and Interests
Contributor Profile - Optional Info | Mindfray
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Contributor Perspectives provide our audience with unique viewpoints from multiple Contributors for a particular topic.
Contributors can use up to 400 words in response to a prompt, and they require a certain number of Contributor responses to become eligible for publication. Once the set number of Contributors have responded to these prompts, they are compiled into a single article that highlights each Contributor’s unique response to the prompt.
In order to respond to a Contributor Perspectives prompt, click on the “Add a Response” button under the prompt of your choice. Add your response on the following Perspective response page, including any additional information such as links to images, gifs, videos, etc., then click on the “Submit” button.
If you have not set up a Contributor profile, follow the built-in notifications when you click on the “Add a Response” button or review the “How to Start Contributing” section above.
Take a look at the current topic prompts for our three Forum sections. We update these prompts regularly, so check back for new article ideas and responses.

Express Prompts

What’s a memorable place you visited and why?

What’s one of your favorite TV shows or movies and why?

Debate Prompts

Is there any validity in North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons as a means of self-preservation against the US (e.g., Iraq and Libya being overthrown by the US after giving up nuclear ambitions)?

Has our digital revolution helped or hurt our ability to connect and interact with other people?

Knowledge Prompts

What’s an important lesson you learned from your college experience and why?

What are some tips you can share that help with the writing process?

Submit a Prompt

Have a great idea for a prompt? Send it our way!

Reach Out to Us

Questions or comments about contributing at Mindfray?
Reach out to us at, we’d love to hear from you.

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