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Mindfray provides our writers with an opportunity to share their experiences, opinions, and knowledge with our community and the world. Contributing Writers work with Mindfray’s editorial team to craft and publish content that revolves around their passions and interests. 
Mindfray is on a mission to make people think about, question, and understand the world around them by delivering compelling content from perspectives that matter. We believe in focusing on quality, substance, and style for our publications, not just headlines and page clicks.  
In order to make contributing more accessible, there are no prerequisites to becoming a writer for Mindfray. However, we require our Contributing Writers to follow our guidelines and address any issues that we identify throughout the editorial review process. With that said, Mindfray is committed to supporting our Contributors, and we provide guidance, editing, and feedback on each submission to foster continued growth and engagement. 

Becoming a Contributing Writer

You can become a Contributing Writer by reaching out to us in one of two ways:
1). Send an initial article submission that is a minimum of 750 words. Learn how to submit an article for the first time. 
2). Send us a writing sample and two article pitches that include a proposed title and a two to three sentence description of what you intend to write about for each article.  One of our editors will respond with some feedback on your pitches and information on contributing/planning your first submission. You can contact us at
If you’re a student or recent graduate, you can apply to our student writing program. We offer two options: a structured but flexible writing program or a formal credit-based internship with universities. Learn more about our program.
Please note: Before we publish your first article, you need to set up your Contributing Writer profile. You can learn more below. 
In order to become a Contributing Writer at Mindfray, you need to register an account and fill in your profile details.

Step-by-Step Instructions

(1) Register an account through Facebook, Google Plus or Email
(2) Go to the “My Account” section in your profile
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(3) Fill out the required “profile details,” which include your picture, name, biography and contributor highlight, then click “save changes.”
Contributor Profile Details - Filling Out Required Information | Mindfray
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You may also provide optional information in your profile, including:
Social Profiles 
Personal or Business Website
Background and Education
Causes and Interests
Contributor Profile - Optional Info | Mindfray
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Feature Articles

Mindfray’s articles typically range between 1,000-2,000 words, although we do not have a word limit (our current record holder is 7,500 words).
Please check out our general submission guidelines to learn more about our content and article ideas.
While topics are limited, we group our content into the following categories:
People & Society
Health & Wellness
Media & Pop Culture
Politics & Activism
Education & Career

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Questions or comments about contributing at Mindfray?
Reach out to us at, we’d love to hear from you.

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