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Mindfray empowers people to share their experiences, opinions and knowledge with our community and the world.

Our mission is to make people think about, question and understand the world around them by delivering compelling content from perspectives that matter—people like you.

Learn more about Mindfray on our About page. If you’re interested in becoming a Contributing Writer for Mindfray, check out our Contributor Hub.

You can register an account with Mindfray by navigating to the registration page found throughout the site. Once you are on the registration page, you can create an account using Facebook, Google Plus or Email.

When you register a profile with Mindfray, you gain access to a variety of perks, from customized content and notifications to being one step closer to contributing at Mindfray.

Personalize your content. Choose Contributing Writers and topics to follow from yourPersonalize My Feed tab in your account to start receiving content based on your preferences. Keep track of your favorite articles by saving them to your account for future reading and easy sharing.

Personalize My Feed Example at Mindfray
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Receive content just for you. When you personalize the content you receive by adding Contributing Writers or topics to follow, as well as saving your favorite articles, you can access your personal content from the “My Content Feed” section of your account.

My Content Feed Example at Mindfray
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Receive personalized notifications. When articles are published from the Contributing Writers or topics you follow, you receive personalized notifications from the “My Feed” menu section. Stay up to date and get direct links to the content you want to check out.

Notification Feed Example at Mindfray
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In order to receive personalized content by following Contributing Writers, topics and your favorite articles, you must first register an account through Facebook, Google Plus or Email. Once you have an account, you may personalize your content feed in the following ways:

On any article page, you can favorite the article or follow the Contributing Writer

Article Page Personalized Content Example
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On any Contributing Writer profile, you can follow them or favorite any of their articles

Contributing Writer Profile Personalized Content Example
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On the “Personalize My Feed” tab in your profile, you can add any topics or Contributing Writers through predicative text entry

Personalize My Feed Page Example
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If you’re interested in becoming a Contributor Writer for Mindfray, please check out the following resources:

Contributor Hub

Submit an Article for Publication

Content and Writing Guidelines

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us at community@mindfray.com.

After you register an account with Mindfray, setting up your Contributor profile is done under the “My Account” section.

Blank Profile - Navigating to My Account Section | Mindfray
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You must fill out the required sections of your Contributor profile, which include your picture, name, biography and user highlight. Once that information is filled out, click on the “Save Changes” button.

Contributor Profile Details - Filling Out Required Information | Mindfray
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You may also provide optional Contributor profile information, including:

  • Credentials – Employment, Education and Accolades.
  • Causes and Interests.
  • Website, Social Profiles and Email Contact.
Contributor Profile - Optional Info | Mindfray
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Once your Contributor profile is set up, it will become publically available on the site once your first article is published.

Mindfray Contributor Profile Example
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Yes. Mindfray offers Contributing Writer internships to students who are interested in building a portfolio and gaining experience in writing and digital publishing.

Learn more about student Contributing Writer internships.

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us at student@mindfray.com.

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