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Mindfray empowers you—our Contributors—to share your mind with our community and the world. 

Take a look at our submission guidelines below. Mindfray also works with our Contributors to review, edit, and provide guidance and feedback on articles to help with the submission and publication process.

Submission Guidelines

Use a respectful tone

Content should aim to be constructive. We encourage content on a variety of topics–even controversial ones–and from different perspectives.

We also encourage critique. However, we want content to create thoughtful reflection and deferential dialogue.

If you state facts, please cite your sources

We are committed to publishing content that exudes quality. If you state facts, please provide a reputable source to back it up.

Be mindful of others

We love when our contributors share personal stories; however, please be courteous to others referenced in your story. Consider their privacy and what details you share.

Consider content structure

Think about the purpose of your content and how you make your point or tell your story. Consider breaking up your content into multiple subsections and using titles to denote each section.

Break up large paragraphs into several smaller ones. Think about using bullets and styling (e.g., bold, italics) to help express yourself effectively.

Be concise but thorough

Thoroughly covering your topic or story is vital to creating quality content. However, be clear and concise so you can effectively engage your audience. Concise writing resource.

Images, GIFs, infographics, and video

Using or referencing images/GIFs, infographics and video are encouraged. They are an effective means to engage your audience and bolster your content.

If you use personal photos, please consider the privacy of people in your photo.

What We Publish

We encourage our Contributors to submit content based on their interests, causes, and passions.

Mindfray’s publications include Feature Articles and Contributor Perspectives. Feature Articles are traditional full-length articles on a particular topic. Most Feature Articles range from 1,000-2,000 words.


Here are some writing ideas to get you thinking. These are just ideas, so please feel free to submit content on all types of topics!

Describe an experience you’ve had, what happened, the outcome and the insights that you gained from it. How did the experience impact your life? What’s your advice for others in a similar situation?

Explain your thoughts or viewpoint about a particular issue. Why is it important? How has it affected you or others? What do people need to know to remain informed?

Reference something, such as an article, study, video or idea, and explain your thoughts on it. Why do you feel that way? What are the issues and what is your conclusion? Do you have any recommendations?

Use your knowledge and expertise to present information to others. Can you provide useful information and guidance on personal or professional matters?

Feature Article Prompts

Take a look at the current topic prompts for additional ideas on articles.

What’s a memorable place you visited and why?

What’s one of your favorite TV shows or movies and why?

Has our digital revolution helped or hurt our ability to connect and interact with other people?

What’s an important lesson you learned from your college experience and why?

What are some tips you can share that help with the writing process?


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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