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Mindfray Knowledge Perspectives
Knowledge Perspectives feature prompts that involve sharing wisdom and advice for personal and professional development.
What techniques do you use to help in the writing process?
What’s one thing besides your education that you learned by attending college?
What advice or tips can you give to someone that’s looking to purchase their first home?
Contributor Perspectives provide our audience with unique viewpoints from multiple Contributors for a particular topic.
Contributors can use up to 400 words in response to a prompt, and they require a certain number of Contributor responses to become eligible for publication.
Once the set number of Contributors have responded to these prompts, they are compiled into a single article that highlights each Contributor’s unique response to the prompt.
In order to respond to Contributor Perspectives, you need to register an account and fill in your profile details.

Step-by-Step Instructions

(1) Register an account through Facebook, Google Plus or Email
(2) Go to the “My Account” section in your profile
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(3) Fill out the required “profile details,” which include your picture, name, biography and contributor highlight, then click “save changes.”
Contributor Profile Details - Filling Out Required Information | Mindfray
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You may also provide optional information in your profile, including:
Social Profiles 
Personal or Business Website
Background and Education
Causes and Interests
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In order to respond to a Contributor Perspectives prompt, click on the “Add a Response” button under the prompt of your choice.
Add your response on the following Perspective response page, including any additional information such as links to images, gifs, videos, etc., then click on the “Submit” button.
If you have not set up a Contributor profile, follow the built-in notifications when you click on the “Add a Response” button or review the “How to Start Contributing” section above.

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What are some tips you can give for finding the right job/career?
What advice can you give someone who’s interested in volunteering at a charity?
What’s some advice for staying motivated when you hit a rough patch?
What’s some advice you’d give yourself when first starting your career?
What advice can you give to students getting ready to apply to college?
What are some tips you can give to someone who wants to become a first-time dog owner?

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