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Personalization in Account Based Marketing

In a world filled with noise, marketers struggle to get their messages across to the right person. A personalized customer experience is proven to be more effective in increasing engagement and return on investment (ROI) on marketing activities.

I recently discussed the rise of Account Based Marketing and the importance of personalization. This is an expansion on that notion and how to effectively create personalized marketing campaigns through Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Four Tips on Creating Personalized Marketing Programs in ABM

Campaign Planning

The first step in planning your campaign is defining your target account, its key members, their aspirations, and how your company can help them achieve their goals. Build a content map of all relevant assets and link them to personas and buying stages.

It is also important to think about how you will handle different members of the account. A new member may be included in a personalized “welcome” nurture track and an already engaged person in an “interested” track.

Keep in mind that not everyone consumes content the same way; some people prefer email, others whitepapers or webinars, etc. In order to plan an effective personalized campaign, you must ensure that your prospect receives the right content the way they want it.

Scaling Personalized Campaigns

Of course it is practically impossible to scale personalized messages for each individual in each account. Therefore, you can address this issue by having a mix of totally personalized messaging, industry/persona-specific messaging, and general content.

For example, for CDOs or CIOs you may want to craft an email message that highlights how your company can help them increase productivity, or decrease downtime. On your website, include personalized content based on industry, and then build nurture streams for each persona.

To help create a more customized experience, adding dynamic content and tokens is an easy way to include personalized touches, such as company name, logo, graphics, first name, and job title, directly into your asset.

Clean Data for Effective Targeted Messaging

Personalized, targeted content can only work if your data is clean. The last thing you want is a prospect from the wrong company, industry, or job title getting a message built for someone else. Not only is this a poor user experience, it makes your company look disorganized and your campaign highly ineffective.

Data cleansing is a key element in creating effective targeted messaging. Make sure to clean, enrich, and audit your lead database on a consistent basis to get the most accurate data. This will allow you to segment your database by different attributes so you can trust your messages are reaching the right audience with the right content.

Campaign Tracking and Measurement

After planning your personalization program, you want prove the effectiveness of your campaign through measuring and tracking ROI.

Some key points to think about in ABM:

  • Are the right people from the account engaging with your campaign?
  • How long are they spending on your content?
  • Are they turning into sales meetings?

Tracking your campaigns will help you report to your leadership team as well as provide valuable data for further optimization of your campaigns.

Personalization is the crème de la crème of your ABM and content marketing strategy. If you haven’t already, start personalizing!

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